Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Sunday Dec 10

Sorry i have neglected blogger again. Sorry Raven, i will try to update this blog more. Quite the cliffhanger hey??

Well Sunday morning, i was driving downtown when the radio station was cutting in and out. What? i change the station and realize it's not only the station. It looks like the check engine light that is lite is not a simple broken fuse. I proceed to turn off the radio and the heat and hope to make it to my destination. As i'm stopped at the only red light i encounter, the car is wanting to stall, i use the right foot for the brake and the left to inject more fuel in the hopes of not stalling. No luck, there i stall. I try starting the car, no power, i don't even have emergency lights. Then starts the now what thinking. Do i get out of the car and phone somewhere or do i stay in the car in the middle of the road and call from my cellphone. Silly me, decides to stay with the car in the middle of the road, i proceed to call my he lives 700 kms away how can he help. He know that he can't really help but he proceeds to try to calm me down. For some reason i turn all girlie and the tears start flowing. I know it's really nothing, the car has no power should be no big deal but i'm a crying mess. I finally call the tow truck and proceed to call a coworker to find where to take the car. He suggests Canadian Tire, alright that's where we go. The tow truck was there in less than 5 minutes and i seemed to stop crying by then. We go to CT, i need to stand in line to make my car appointment. Probably 20 mins in line. Then get the car booked in and as for shuttle service, "i'm sorry no shuttle service on Sunday" Oh my. Now what? I proceed to call a taxi. Takes the taxi forever to arrive.

Then i get home, about an hour passes and CT calls. The Alternative is toast and needs a new one. He quotes the cost of repairs and parts. Oh my, okay do it i say. Costly but what can i do.

I phoned another coworker that lives in the area to drive me to and from the Kids Christmas Party. As you know i have no kids but i did volunteer to help out. Turns out because we came on-time she didn't need my help at all. Well i get free bowling and a couple pieces pizza. As i helped clean up the room after the presents opening and the families are exiting i then notice the coworker is nowhere in sight. Good thing another coworker had gratuitously offered to drive me as he was driving right by. Then i realize he was driving me to CT, we weren't communicating at the bowling alley really well. Since we were there he tells me to i check out when the car might be ready. Might be ready at 6:00. Check my watch it's only 3:30. I then ask for a ride home. No problem the coworker says. As we drive out of CT we are immediately behind my coworker that forgot me. What are the odds, i should have called her cell and told her to look in the rearview mirror. But i don't think she would have answered the cell anyways.

I get a phonecall around 530 the coworker that drove me to the bowling alley finally realized that she forgot to take me back home. I told her if i needed the ride i would have called her cell. We laughed and asked for a ride to work, i didn't think CT would be finished and sure enough i was right.

In my driving years, i haven't been without a car or access to a car. It is strange/annoying to have to rely on friends/coworkers. I'm glad i was only without my car for a day.

The bill was outragous. Glad visa decided to increase my limit. Crazy thing is i usually immediately decrease my limit once they up it. I don't want the room for the debt to get higher. I decided not decrease the limit until after Christmas, now i'm glad i did. Now to start paying that thing off.

Sorry if i lost some of you with this long post

Friday, December 08, 2006

Christmas meme

1. Egg Nog or hot Chocolate? Hot drink of egg nog in my starbucks chai tea latte or with some spiced rum but i will live without egg nog

2. Does Santa wrap presents or just sit them under the tree? They are wrapped...big ones are hidden
until the little ones are unwrapped.

3. Coloured lights on the tree and house, or white? i love multicolors and multiphases but i still don't own a set myself....single and living in an apartment will do that to you.

4. Do you hang mistletoe? No, see number 3

5. When do you put your decorations up? When i get to the parents house.

6. What is your favorite holiday dish? Stuffing

7. Favorite holiday memories from childhood: Oh you are making me think, i loved packing up my toys to take with me to Aunt Helen's to play with...i remember the year i got a Smurf, a Lamb and a lots more stuffed toys and then playing with my girl cousins

8. When and how did you learn the truth about Santa? I don't remember,
but i remember the year Dean convinced me to open the hidden gifts in Mom's closet. It was a couple days before christmas, I got a 35mm camera and Dean got a Nintendo(no number).

9. Do you open a gift on Christmas Eve? Our new tradition is to open all gifts on the Eve and then the next day we sleep in a bit and worry about cooking Christmas Dinner

10. How do you decorate your Christmas tree? don't have one, parents got a fibre optic it's usually up when i get there

11. Snow... love it or dread it? i don't mind can be fun

12. Can you ice skate or ski? Yes... But I haven't done either in years.

13. Do you remember your favorite gift? i was so excited to get tickets to see the play Les Miserables with Mom in January

14. What's the most important thing about the holidays for you? spending
time with family and friends...sorry Jess this was so true

15. What is your favorite holiday dessert? Oh, Aunt Helen's christmas pudding...i haven't had it for years...oh Aunt Helen's poppycock too

16. What is your favorite holiday tradition? wrapping presents, listenin to christmas songs, and enjoying my family while doing it - oh wait i like turning off all lights in the house and watch the christmas lights twinkle in the house, i usually do this by myself

17. What tops your tree? it's an Angel

18. Which do you prefer giving or receiving? Giving when I know what to
give...but i like receiving too

19. What is your favorite Christmas Song? don't think i have one, "Mary's Boy Child" by Bonny M is great

20. Candy Canes? i could do without but i usually have to have some, my favorite flavour is anything but peppermint

Monday, November 27, 2006

Saturday Shoveling...Sunday Baking

This weekend, i visited PA. I only visited with Grandma & Grandpa. When i arrived at 12:30 Grandpa was outside shoveling and sweeping the drive. I went to say Hi and asked how much more shoveling he was doing and if he wanted some help. He said he wasn't doing much, he had taken the snowblower out and did most of the drive already. There was just stubborn snow and ice patches. Well as i was visiting with me, he mentioned where the other shovel was. So i grabbed a kick ass shovel. It had a huge scoop. Grandpa had to instruct me how to operate the thing. "When you are ready to get rid of the snow i tip the handle down so i get the shove base to go overtop the snowbank so i can add more snow. Does that make sense i'm not sure. I think we were outside for about an hour and a half shoveling. I made quite the dent. Grandpa got the hoe out to get the real stubborn ice. I know he was happy i helped but he was so humble. He said to grandma that he was just showing me his kickass shovel (not his words). I know he overdid it. Sunday he was a little sore.

On Sunday, Grandma taught me how to make buns. I wanted to learn from an expert. It was an experience, and i think i will know what to do when misshaps occur. Grandma's recipe was in her head, so as we mixed up ingredients and stirred and stirred. We made a small batch as it was my first time. I didn't think it was that hard to stir up dough. As we are mixing up, i notice Grandma getting the shortening out the fridge. She almost forgot it, we added it at the very end, the dough was almost all mixed up. so more flour we added to make the dough doughy again. We let the dough raise twice and both times it raised very good. The dough was very sticky as we handled it to make the loafs/buns. I'm wondering if it was sticky because of the flour i brought -"Blending flour" or because of the adding of the shortening at the very end.

Grandma said the buns would take 20 mins to brown but we had to add 10 mins on as they didn't brown after 20. She also took the loafs out at that time, she said they would take 55 mins. We made 3 loafs and 12 buns. The buns tasted very good but a little different than Grandma's. When we took the baked goods out of the oven i noticed that the flour seemed to stay on the top of the buns/loafs i forgot to ask if that was normal as she proceeded to brush with butter.

Grandma gave me half of our baked goods to take home. The buns are good but the bread loafs are really hard on the bottom. She packaged the loafs in brown paper bag i think it might have dried out the loaf bottoms but i'm not sure. The buns are really good and i think i have 3 left. Hence the reason i don't bake much for myself - i eat it all and can't seem to ration it.


Note: Badabing - good enough blog for u, i will try to keep it up; today i was a chatty kathy
PS guess what i'm making at Christmastime -- buns and i will try cinnamon buns

Monday, November 13, 2006

I'm so Excited and i just can't hide it ...

**why does this keyboard not have note keys...really why not**

It's been so long that the new blogger has arrived. Has anyone checked this out. I don't have a google account yet.

Anyhoo, i'm excited...tonight's soccer game was so much fun. Not only did we win, play like a team, and i played good but i realize now more than ever that i do have good friends on the team. "Sea Turtle" (not real name and in no way is it an accurate term) and me are attending a steak nite this weekend. Sounds like one of our new girls "Swan" might attend with us. I also volunteered to organize the team's steaknight in January. "Aziola" and me are meeting with coach to setup the date tommorrow nite. I'm excited like i said.

Also Sea Turtle, Meerkat and me are volunteering for the Juno Awards 2007. They are being held in our city and it would be so fun. I was checking out the volunteer activities and i want to do a lot of them. The media help would be fun, interesting.


On another note, i now own Angel orale cards. I can do readings. Mostly i do them for myself right now, but i have given Mamma Bear a couple and they have been very accurate. Getting back into my angels has opened me up spiritually. I believe my spiritual learning is the angels and is what excites me. It's so interesting how i can draw a card and think oh it's the wrong one. Then shuffle the deck draw another card and lo and behold it's the exact card. The Angels really want me to know this pay attention. I could go on and on but that could be for another day.


Saturday, October 28, 2006

My dating life

Wednesday i was getting fed up with waiting for "Mr." to call me, so i called him. Thanks for the advice gals. I left a message on his voicemail. He called me back in a half hour. He's working lots of hours. Told me he has to be up at 3:00 am every day and he usually works until 8:00pm. He works on a dairyfarm and harvest is over but other things need to be done right now. I told him how i felt. I wanted to see him but understood and would let him call me as he's working so much. He told me "nah just call i always have the cellphone with me".

I am going to let him call me now. I want to see if he is "into me" Even if he is busy he can call, that doesn't have to take up more than 5 mins.


Saturday, October 21, 2006

He called

Yeah he called. We had a short conversation but it was cool. He wanted to call to tell me he is flying to BC this weekend. What? His Aunt gives him free westjet vouchers, he has a family there. He is flying tonight at 2:00 and coming back on Monday. How cool is that? How cool is it that he is calling me to tell me he is going to be out of the province. We are going for steaks next week he's going to call when he gets back. Now i can verify that it was his cell number on Thurs. Oh i did mention on the phone that i was at soccer on thursday. He didnt even say oh i tried calling but now he knows. He still called back and is wanting this to progress. Yah Yah. I feel like a school girl, is this what dating does.

BTW - i changed the answering machine, guess i didn't have to but i did. It is very general, just says you've reached @@@-$$$# please leave a message.


Thursday, October 19, 2006

Sometimes i dislike this dating game

I met a guy on Saturday. We met at a dance and he was into me and i was into him. He bought me a drink and we chatted a little. then he excused himself to smoke...(not good trait) Next time i seen him at the bar he mouthed the words if i wanted another. I mouthed "no" i still had my drink and i was DD so i didn't want to drink more. Then my best friend said hi why don't you come sit down. He laughed and sure enough he said down. He totally was cool with my friends asking questions about him before i even had a chance to introduce himself more to me. At that point he didn't even know my name until he said down. I totally loved it, it took the pressure off of me to ask the questions. I should have asked him more questions but me Miss shy girl was being shy. It was a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere and my friends were being polite and asking him questions just as he was asking them questions too. He then talked a lot to my best friend and was winning her over.

It was a weird night. I wouldn't change it though.

At about midnight his friends were heading to Tina's *name changed* house to drink. We were invited and we're going to go. My friends were drunk and having a good time...don't worry they had a designated driver. We decided to not go to his friends house as he mentioned they will have one drink and then go home and we would then be a Tina's house. Just Tina, him and i so we decided, maybe not. We then went to my place to have a beer and chatted to get to know one another. He slept over on the couch and then i drive him home in the morning...(did i mention i was DD for the night). He asked for my number and put it into his cell phone. He mentioned twice in the car that he would call me this week. So now it's Thursday i just got home from soccer, notice a cell phone number on my caller display at 915 but no message and i am wondering is he going to try again tonight....please do.
I have an answering machine but in it i mention "we are not home right now" i am a single girl i don't want the world knowing i live home alone. But know i'm afraid could he think i have a boyfriend. Also do i call the cell back?

It's this dating game that i don't understand and wonder when to play and when not to.

So give me some dating advice if you have it please.

Friday, October 13, 2006

exciting post?? :( maybe not

so i'm made it this far to post something...what to life isn't very exciting. I am happy at work. Need to deal with my payroll administrator. She wants to make changes and i agree any change to make processing of payroll better is good but not if it will cause problems with all the salaried employees. Why complicate it if it works fine.

Oh just remembered i need to send a work lame Friday nite and i'm thinking about work...i need a life...need to get out starts soon and i will be hosting the next cards night oh and i will be volunteering for the festival of trees. Not sure what it involves but i'm sure it will be fun and i'll meet more people

Okay the cards night, for the last two outdoor soccer season windup party- 5 girls and me enjoyed playing cards after everyone else left. We are all in the same age bracket...28-35. We always said we need to do it monthly but noone ever organizes it. This month i'm trying to organize it. Only two have responded to emails so far, so now i need to telephone and set the date. Cause if the date isn't set then the cards night won't happen. Oh it is so fun last time we got together...i was crying and splitting my gut.

I need to improve my blogging ability i seem to write and then stop, not sure if its working for me.


PS. Who is a flickr pro it worth the money...i'm still basic and not liking the set limit of 3

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

I'm a sparkpeople

My mom has been mentioning how the sparkpeople site is filled with information and the daily food tracker helps determine what you are eating.

Today, i finally listened to her advice. I've been online for 1.5 hours now. I recorded my food intake for the day. Set up my sparkpage, met a friend with similiar goals and joined a team. Well the team is one that mom is a member of - so i have to give her credit. It's called shutterbugs. And guess what you get a weekly assignment that includes a theme, you then provide an appropriate photo and post onto mysparkpage. The assignment is very similiar to Random and Odd but on a smaller version.

I must say i'm impressed with the site. Fitday was okay but sparkpeople has better search engines. Also the food groupings are easier to use. Also lots of articles to read, and i get points for reading them. Not only am i learning but i'm getting points. I'm not sure what the points give me but i'm getting points.

Okay i'm off my soapbox for today.

Check out Journeys to a 10K new blog


Saturday, September 09, 2006

Cards and update really wow

An update an update....finally here

I completed a clean sweep again. Boy the apt looks good. Now i can entertain. My dear parents gave me a some meat, in included a roast and chicken. Much to big for a single girl to use up. Therefore i'm inviting cousins/friends over for supper and a night of chitchat and card game playing.

I will finally get to use the card game that my dad and me completed at christmas time. I sanded and stained. The game is called Cards and Marbles. It is basically like "trouble" You use your cards to move across the board and certain cards are special. King to get out of home or use as a one or 10.

Here's a pic of the game. Joey had to check it out too.

Now that the apt is spotless i will have some dinner parties.

Tommorrow, Mama Bear is accompaning me to celebrate.(attending the Centre for positive living). I can't wait i haven't been able to go for 2 weeks and i hope she enjoys herself. I get much joy and comfort attending. Three weeks ago, i had the best mediatition yet. I'm not sure if because of a different mediator or that i could completely engulf myself into it.

Well i am so shy, three weeks ago i tried sticking around for coffee and treats after the "mass" Well i had a cookie and some water and decided maybe next time so i headed out the door only to get stopped by the "Pastor" and she spoke of me staying for fellowship and i stated i'm too shy she commented that you come here alone that's not too shy. Well by she stating that i clammed up thinking now what do i say. I started to get teary eyed and decided one step at a time. Next time i will try again to talk to new people. I think i'm overanalyzing and wanting ppl to like me too much.


Thursday, August 10, 2006

I am in love with

Went to Calgary these weekend, the shopping didn't go too well. Not much clothing that i wanted, seemed like all the stores had the same stuff and same colors. Also i hate the fact that i'm not a L anymore i'm a (dare i say) XL. I dislike it. I've never been an XL before, well time to get this butt in shape. I'm digressing from the Mac topic. As we walked the chinook mall, M and me both noticed that Mac now had a store. My cousin loves Mac and mentioned that they give free makeovers (walkup consulations) So in we walk and browse for a bit, until a saleslady attends to us. I mentioned how i wanted a new eyecolor but i'm unsure about what colors look good on me. That's when M mentioned why don't you get a makeover. There in the mall i got a makeover. I loved the look, could have purchased everything she put on me expect the budget just would not allow that. After purchasing my 7 items - 3 eye colors (with the case), eye pencil, lip pencil, lipstick, eyebrow brush for $125.00 i was done. I have never spent that type of money on one makeup purchase before.

But i still love it, still wearing all of it, wish i got the blush too. I think i'm now a Mac girl. Oh cous what have you got me into. Thanks girl.


Sunday, July 09, 2006


Had a wonderful night on friday. My friend suprised me with a visit to the city. We meet after work downtown at a pub. They had supper ( i was full from lunch still) I suggested a walk since it was still only 7:00 and didn't want to go to another pub so early in the nite, i was still not feeling good thought a walk might help. We walked for about 2 hours along the riverbank looking at the beautiful houses. Stupid me didn't go to my car before the walk to change my reebox sandals into running shoes and forgot my camera. I did see some camera worthy pics. The lighting was just right too. Guess i'll have to get them another time.

During our walk, we noticed a park full of ppl. "Tony the tiger" mentioned how during the day how many beautiful ppl attend this park. Guess what folks i've found my prime dating park. So if you need to find me on a friday look for me in a park. This park has a parking lot attached so if i can figure out how to get the bike into the car then i will bike more along the river downtown. I guess that means i need to clean out my car. Wonder when that might happen.


PS I wrote a blog in my 10K blog

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Peace and bugs

Well, i must say i am enjoying the Peacecenter. I feel at home. This last Sunday, was my second celebration and all's good. I went to the meditation beforehand again and i felt at ease, relaxed at the end but still need to calm my mind from the daily activities. This week i attended the treatment circle. I didn't ask for anything but wanted to attend the circle. I definately will be going weekly, it feels nice to be with others that have the same spiritual thoughts as i do.

Check out Journeys to a 10K for an update.

As for the rest of my life. It's going good. I really want to move. Sitting down with a mortgage specialist next week to see when/if a house is in my near future. I think my apt has pill bugs or sow bugs. I have not noticed any larvas on the linoleum floor lately, so i'm hoping by putting the light cover back on the ceiling it fixed up the problem (for now).

Here is a pic of the shell or actual bug, don't freak it is in a plastic bag and kept if for evidence for the landlord. Just haven't a chance to discuss this pesky problem.


Saturday, June 17, 2006

New things

Tommorrow, i am attending my first celebration at the Centre for Positive Living. It is a peacecentre and i hope that it will be the place i am searching for. Ever since leaving my hometown i have trying to study in solitude with books and some practice. But never did stick with it and learn more. I think having like-minded people around would help me with this journey. They have a mediation from 10:30 to 10:45 and then followed by the celebration at 11:00...oh i know i'll be nervous, just meeting new people does that to me. I get really tonge-tied and my shyness steps up.

Wish me luck and not to be too nervous. I really didn't go to church as a child. We were confirmed and baptised Roman Catholic but Mom's mantra was "if it was meant to be it will be" I have lived and speak that saying a lot, well i try to live the mantra not always successfully. I'm a little confused as to what to wear, do i dress up or go in Jeans...i think i might do a combo of both jeans with a suit jacket.

If you like to find out more about the centre here is the link>>>



I finally updated Journeys to a 10K

Check it out. Oh i'm craving pizza so bad. I think i may order Panatago well after my 20 min interval walk/run tonight. Going to the gym and trying the insoles in the indoor soccer shoes hopefully i don't get the looseness like the other shoes and don't have to return the insoles too.


Monday, June 12, 2006

I've been clean sweeped

Take a look at this, how did it happen???

Doesn't it look good, no more clutter. My awesome friend, "Mama Bear" came over and put me to work. She helped me move, get my butt in gear and clean up this apt. Of course, she helped me clean too but i did most of it myself. Well I did the removing of the paper clutter and she helped me organize and get rid of old useless stuff. One thing was amazing, my medicine cabinet. So many items were expired i had no idea, *yeah i did*. Mama Bear was amazing, i really felt ashamed at times, she even called me by my full name which is something that was totally needed. It woke me up, i shrugged into my skin a couple times cause i know some of the items in the medicine cabinet/or that i kept should not be kept - i know better.

Thank you Mama Bear, the apt is great.


Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Hairstyles over last 3 years

These are not in exact chronologically order but it's interesting.


Happy Birthday to me

I decided a new hair style was in order. Getting bored with the one i had. I decided to try a new hairstylist and the moment i sat down i felt comfortable and felt that she could do a good job and she was very open with the whole process. Showed me the colors. Confirmed what she heard about how i want my hair. I wanted something that would grow out naturally so check out the pics

I like it. I have a darker color underneath. Darker shade of brown & purplish mixed together.
I can't believe how light my head feels. Now i don't have to rely on a ponytail to get the hair away and off my neck.


Wednesday, May 24, 2006


I was gunhoe to start posting more blogs and comments and getting caught up on everyone elses too...i have things to blog about right now. But i think i have a virus, my internet stops having connection after 15 minutes of the computer being turned on. I think i'm doing a total wipe. I'm not doing it fast as i don't want to loose anything. I'll be backing up onto CD like crazy.

Hopefully you'll see me back soon.


Backtrack and PA pics

"The Middle" by Jimmy Eat World was the song on the radio on my way home from work. This song brought up good crazy i was getting teary in the car. Flashback - three years ago i heard this song daily(or 2 times) on my way home from work and to work. I know this song was my Angels way of telling me it will be alright. At the time i was still dating my fiance. We were having problems, well i was unsure about the whole thing. I didn't trust him and for good reason. He cheated and out of that affair...bore a son. Well i didn't find out until 12 months later when the mother filed legal documents for child support. Just glad i found out when i did because i was a month away from our wedding. Okay enough background i'm happy now, glad he is out of my life, my career is developing into something i'm very excited about. The love life could be better but honestly i'm not looking right now. I have other goals for example my 10K is a huge one...another one is reducing the debt so i can purchase a house....i'm ready to ready.

Well off to a coworkers baby shower. I'll post some pics of it later.
This week i'll blog about work.

Enjoy the pics of my PA trip....

this is the view from DD's front yard

These are grandma's basket of pink petunia's

These are Baba's flowers trailing Verdena's

And this is a bouquet she had from Mother's Day...i can't remember who got them for her but i love the pic


Pics of Accident 1

Here are the pics of my parking lot. See the baracades in front of my red car on the right. The shaw van was parked in the emergency parking spot which is inbetween the red truck and red/brown car. That is my entrance way. You see where the oil stain is on the second baracade...well that's approximately where i fell....i wonder if you can see the paperclip i left. ( i was carrying workdocuments).


Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Details of Accident 1

If you have been following my blogs, you will know i switched cable providers to Shaw. Well after the weekend of bad reception on the new cable box, i phoned to get the cable guy back and fix it. Well seeing as my week was rush, rush busy i planned it for a Tuesday afternoon. Seeing as i work close to work i asked them to call me first and i will meet them at my place. So, Tuesday afternoon i get the phonecall, off i go no dillydalling. Well i arrive to my apt and find the shaw van waiting at the front doors. K, now i'm getting excited i don't want the van to drive off so what do i do. (Note: In front of my parking stall is two parking baracades). I step over the first baracade and then going over the second i decide to start jogging, only my sandal didn't clear the second baracade, now i had no feet on the ground and down i go. Right onto the cement. I braced myself with knees and arms. But the fall hurts a lot and i get the wind knocked out of me. So i end up turning onto my back, finally when i think i can move i roll over and start to get up. As i'm doing this the cable van is backing out of its parking spot. Apparently he didn't see anything happen at all, granted i was to the right rear of his van. Noticed the window rolled down, so i start yelling, that didn't get his attention. Off he drives, my knees are bleeding, hands are cut up, fully body is aching, i'm almost crying and fricking mad cause the stupid cable guy did not wait long enough. (all i needed was another min)

Can you believe after 2 1/2 years of living in this apt i have only had onemajor fall over the baracade.
I'll take pics tonight of the scene cause i don't think the accident synopsis is adequate.

Pics of accident 2 to follow it's feels so wierd. The blister dried up but still has not burst.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Accident no. 3

So what did i do now. The sidebar seems to be at the last post...was it something i was fiddling with. Found out it was the images of my pics....too big that why it pushed the sidebar to bottom

So i'm hoping my minor/major body accidents are over. Had my third one on Thursday. All i was doing was walking...jammed my big toe into something at work with open shoes, serves me right for not watching where i'm walking, and that totally killed soccer practice that evening (I know i shouldn't be practicing yet with shin splints but....i like soccer). That was just one day after the 2nd degree blister on the finger.

The first accident is a tale all to itself and not enough time to write and do it justice tonight. To be continued and posted by the end of Tuesday evening.


Thursday, May 11, 2006

Lookie at what i did....

Can u tell what it is. It's my middle finger, NO, i'm not giving you the finger. Look at the humugus blister. hopefully the pics are good enough.

Damn was too cold, so i put it in microwave to warm up. 30 secs later i remove the cup from microwave by grabbing the cup from the top rim...with my fingers surrounding the top of the cup. The cup was too hot....but silly me decided to set the cup down on counter instead of setting down in microwave or even using the right hand to grab the handle.

Needless to say the blister seemed flat all day long until this evening after removing the bandaid and noticing the blister had taken full shape. Before it looked flat with only a little blister strip on the side.

Well typing is difficult, cant use that finger and trying to use other fingers to compensate.

Now to goto bed and hopefully not burst this bubble.

Sorry about the photo mixmatch...i'm still an amateur in the bloglayout of pics with text.



Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Little bit here, little bit there

Tonight i decided to try to use up the frozen bananas i have in my deepfreeze. I used a prepackaged muffin mix and added the bananas with some butterscotch chips. They look good, taste not bad but not great enough to share. The first one i bite into had a clump of muffin mix and then the next bite was mostly banana. I really need to purchase an electric mixer. These things just would not happen.

Wouldn't you know, me and the HR Manager think the same some days. Today i arrived with Cinnamon Buns (from Husky Bakery), Yummy they are the best....i degress and guess what so did my boss (HR Manager). This is the second time we have purchased food to share with everyone on the same day. Couple weeks ago we did it with Tim Hortons. Except i got donut holes and he got muffins. Man we go over board too...we only have three ppl in our immediate space. We do share with the rest of admin too.

I posted on my other blog. Interesting stuff...shin splints and cable. Check it out.

Monday, April 10, 2006

First BBQ

I had the first BBQ of the season. J invited me to her house. After completing my taxes on QuickTax (i'm getting a 359 refund...Yahoo), i helped her complete the rest of the preparations.

We had
BBQ with Catalina salad dressing marinate -Yum
Baked Potatoes - needed more onions but that's my preference
Caesar Salad
Fresh Fruit with Dip - the watermelon, pineapple and strawberries were yummy.

Also found out a great fruit dip, so easy too.

Fruit Dip

Jar of Marshmallow Cream
Stick of Cream Cheese
Little bottle of Kahlua

Mix up with an electric beater and tada. Yummy

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Sunday, April 02, 2006


Things have gotten so complicated with computers. Or maybe it's me not following the changes. I have gotten some files RAR and i don't know what to do with them. I think i need to download a program like Winzip to open them. Not sure what program is the best.

Also, ive had problems with my windows media player. For the longest time, it will not play with sound. Hence, the reason why i use the divx player to watch any video clips. Only thing is divx player only plays avi, mpeg 4 files. I know for a fact that .wmv files work with divx.

I'm going to stop boring you to death. I'm going to investigate my time in meeting a computer whiz friend.

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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Something new

Tommorrow i get my third trial pair of contacts. I'm having no luck. First pair were alright but both ripped in the 2 week period. Granted i am a first time wearer it does happen but both rip in 2 weeks. This last pair, is incredible dry. Thought maybe it was just at work. Nope it's anywhere. Also have trouble focusing. If i'm wearing them and look from computer screen to keyboard, it's fuzzy. Hopefully the new ones i get will work great. We are changing benefit providers at work and want to use the vision care from our old plan. So i can save the $250.00 for glasses in the next 24 months.

In Tblog i could create a link break for a new topic. Can i do it in blogger?

On another note, i'm excited i have a co-ed soccer tournament this weekend. Should be fun. Friday nite game is a late one - 11:30 good thing we play at 11:30am Sat so i can sleep in some.


Friday, March 24, 2006

30 Days

A couple weekends ago, i watched a IFS show called 30 Days. It is produced by Morgan Spurlock the created and host of "Super Size Me".

The show is descripted as "a documentary-style program where an individual is inserted into a lifestyle that is completely different from his or her upbringing, beliefs, religion or profession for 30 days."

Well the theme of the show i watched was living on minimum wage. He asked his fiance to help him with this challenge. They travelled to Ohio and went about living on minimum wage. Throughout the month, they both had to attend the emergency rooms. One bill amounted to 445 the other was 531. They were just getting by on their wages. Morgan took on two jobs to help supplement their income.

I don't know how anyone can live on minimum wage, i commend you if you can. I know i couldn't, no wonder credit card companies like TransCan are popping up all over. Easy cash...oh yeah what about all the companies like "Check into Cash" or "Money Mart"

I'm glad i live in Saskatchewan and don't have to pay for emergency bills that amount to $500 just for the doctor to examine me to determine i have a bladder infection. (What Morgan's fiance, Alex, diagnosis turned out to be)

Also very glad for my parents help for my extra schooling; don't know if i could have done it myself. I did have the drive but don't know if i had the financial means or could have found the $$$'s for it. Thanks Mom and Dad.


Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Half resolved

I took my preggo coworker out for lunch yesterday. After her doctor appoint we learnt that bed rest is in order for her. Babies heart rate is elivated. Good thing her replacement came in early. As Mar 20 was the original starting date for the maturnity leave position.

I almost didn't bring up the trailer trash weekend cause things seems normal. We chatted the whole lunch hour not a great time to break into the topic on my mind. As we were in the car on the way back to work, i apologized and let her know that i didn't want her to associate my character with her. She mentioned that she said "What are you calling me Trailer Trash" as i joke. I think T either got mixed up and didn't mention to J that she was laughing or T didn't hear the sarcasim/joke in her voice. Alright that part saved.

As for J. I still haven't chatted with her. I should but i think i am more mad at myself too. J takes my power. But i allow it. Also i am going to limit my afterwork functions with her. I'm not a bar fan so that limits it somewhat. But i need to speak my mind and let her know when she is crossing my line. Especially if she is going to be a part of our slopitch team. That's another story.


Thursday, March 16, 2006

Don't you wish sometimes...

people would keep their mouths shut.

Let me backtrack; this past weekend, I joined Coworker J on a roadtrip up to Red Earth to visit J's sister L. The theme of Saturday's drink fest was "Trailer Trash" and you needed to dress up. We got our costumes from handy "Value Village" The pink jumpsuit i got was a little big and J's mom mentioned how she wore one when she was pregant. Hence was born my character. As we got made up on Saturday the character was further delevoped. I was preganant with a baby and my other kids were at home. Well J when on to develop this story further and relate it to a reallife situation at work. Our fellow admin coworker is preggie with baby 3 and all three have different dads. J usually talks bad about the situation. I usually sluff it off or defend her. I have never and do not talk bad about this coworker. I am usual defending her to saying yes but she was in two long term relationships and is still dating the three father.)

Today, J was discussed how T let the story out in the admin dept. J & T are friends and had lunch today...hence how T knows the story. Well the reallife person heard the story. She flipped out, totally thinking it was about her and how we thought she was trailer trash

How do i fix this. I was really good friends with admin coworker; hence because of my location change we don't hang out much anymore. I really don't totally remember if it was me mentioning i had three babies or not but i did mention (in character) that this was not my first baby.

I am so mad at J to even tell the story. Was she not thinking it could get around to the admin coworker. Oh why am i kidding myself. J doesn't care, she doesn't like the admin coworker and is usually all about me. "What's good for me"

I know i have to talk to J about this. Also i need to talk to Admin coworker, next week i must invite her to lunch. Wish i could do it Friday but i have a meeting.

You know how it seems a relationship is going so good, you don't think anything might hinder it. Well i think this just hindered it, but i guess this is a down and how we handle it as friends will determine our friendship.


Sunday, March 05, 2006

Long break

Well i have created another blog, Journeys to a 10K. I will be running 10 Kilometers in September in the Terri Fox Run. You can view my new blog in the links and here. I seem to be having trouble with the link here.(got it fixed now but still unsure how i did it. Since i'm still am newbie to Blogger, (as i hardly blog), i still need to figure out how all these things work.


Sunday, January 08, 2006

Happy New Year - Resolution Time

Hello everyone left reading my blog, well that is if anyone is still left. I have been MIA for quite a while but Christmas was very busy for me this year and i didn't find the time to blog.

Made some new year's resolutions
1. Will run 10k in the Terry Fox Run
2. Will pay off a huge chunk of my debt
3. Will get organized in my life

No. 1 will be accomplished by committing myself to a exercise/food plan. I plan on attending the running room for free walk/runs every Wednesday. Going to the gym to build my muscles, using the indoor track for long and short distance running. The short sprints will help my soccer imminstly (sp?)

No. 2 has been organized, all my extra money is getting paid first to Visa then any money remaining will be free money to play with. By free money i mean usually less than $50 per paycheque and budgeting every week to ensure i'm not overspending.

No. 3 will be accomplisted by organizing(listing projects) and stop procrastinating and scheduling in my projects into my dayplanner. I have a ton of projects on the go but never seem to complete them fully. That will change. Projects will be completed first without starting a new one.

No. 1 of course comes with the benefit of losing weight. I will attend Fitday to daily track my intake of calories and track my output of exercise. Man i might need fitgirl's help with the calorie counting. My prior exercise has been with Weight Watchers so i'm used to the points. I will also become a regular on the 3 fatchicks website. What i seen i have liked and i did notice that lots of blogs have been started. I will probably be listing my blog on that forum to help me stay on track. This will be the year that the weight comes off.