Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Boy last night's run sucked. Last time i ran was Nov 5 and my pace was very slow. My shin had pains with every walking step, it felt better to run. Finally half way into the run the instructor suggested a different stretch which helped the one shin but the other calf still was tight and the shin pain was still occuring in my walking. Hoping my next run will feel better. I also am going to test out my instructors theory that i run better in the morning. Haven't run in the morning since she made the comment.

Running update completed.

More to update as the day goes on.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Wednesday run & Thursday soccer

Boy it was too hot here in toontown. The run was killer, way to hot to run. Glad to say i am now 5-0 for the last runs for not taking unscheduled walk breaks. I also got my pushup challenge in 61 pushups done today. I am now starting day 1 of week 2 in onehundredpushups. They seem to be getting easier and if i take a longer break inbetween sets it seems even easier to do.

Had soccer game tonight - i had fans yah me. Melissa came out and so did the "Bear" family. OMG was O-Bear the cutest and getting the ball when it came near for the girls to throw in. I was impressed that he stayed for the whole game. Think maybe i have a little interest of soccer in him now. This Saturday O-bear and me have a play date. If the weather is nice we are going to the spray park then blow bubbles and i think i might need to kick the soccer ball around with him. Looks like i should go purchase to walmart and get a small soccer ball or soft like ball.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Update...long overdue

Thanks to my good friend Melissa, i have finally committed myself to a running routine. June 12 is when i started running with the running room - i am running ast 2 out of the 3 practice running sessions per week. We walk 1 minute run 10 walk 1 run 10 walk 1 run 7 then walk. This takes about 30 mins. Every week we increase the last run session by one minute.

I am proud of myself. In the second 10 min run i used to have to stop for a short walk session. I'm proud to say that for my last 4 runs i have not had to stop for this short walk session. Also last run, we ran up the Macpherson hill. The hill is steep looking and i wanted to walk so badly, but i keep going. Granted i'm sure someone walking could keep up with our slow pace. Kim was behind us and she said "You guys are a machine for doing that hill", she tried to run it but couldn't.

The countdown is on. Melissa and i will run our second 5K in 13 days. aug 17 to be exact. We are doing it in our hometown by the river so it will be beautiful and i wonder what memories will run through my head. Good ones i hope. I will be keeping the same schedule (walk 1 min run 10 min) during this first race , althought we have not reached 5 K yet as longest distance is 4.3 kms.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I did the boogie

I attended the bridge city boogie on Sunday. I awoke to my alarm at 7:00 and said "Damn" not "Happy birthday to me" or "I am going to have an awesome run". Jumped out of bed to get ready, 15 mins later crawl back into bed. I have to give myself a pep talk to get out of bed again - pep talk went along the lines of
~ I told Melissa i was doing it
~ i'm registered and paid
~ this is the start of a beautiful fit new year of my life
~ you are going to regret it later if you don't get out of bed

Well the pep talk worked and i had a good run/walk. I completed the 5K in 41.51 mins. I figure that is good for me as i didn't have any training before this run.

I hope to post pics of the event later tonight but don't hold me to that.

Cause i am going to see Theory of a deadman tonight.


Friday, March 07, 2008


Thanks for your input with the dresses. Once i got the right size dress in the halter, i headed to Mama Bear's house for her input. The halter had a better cut. The chiffon had a loose material that swooped down the center of me all the way to the bottom -that didn't seem to flatter my figure.

Well i'm almost moved into the duplex, little things things left to organize and tidy up, but with this concussion it's slow moving.
I still have to
- organize the linen closet - allow shelves for the roomie
- move all cardboard boxes out of living room so Dean's (my bro) is lending me his leather furniture can move into living room tomorrow when Dean and Dad arrive.
- Organize/arrange computer room/bead room to be functional
- Unpack miscellaneous boxes in my bedroom
- Tidy basement for items for storage

Got a concussion from Friday Feb 29, playing soccer. I ended up falling on the back of my head. It's funny this week, if i don't take it easy the night before, the next day i feel dizzy. Today (friday) i am feeling dizzy. Who thought going out to a movie and to superstore for a couple items would be overdoing it.

I received my new computer today, i'm anxious to take home and get set up. I will finally have internet at home again. I so miss it. Now i can try to keep facebook and this blog up to date.


Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Capsleeve Chiffon - Choice 2

Choice 2

Halter Chiffon - Choice 1

Halter Chiffon - Choice 1
Originally uploaded by Orangesun789
Choice 1


As you may know i'm a bridesmaid for my cousin's wedding on Good Friday (March 21 in Vegas) I have two choices in my bridesmaid dress. They are both Jessica Chiffon. I was liking the halter style but i have had votes for the capsleeve. Let me know your choice.

The photos are above.


Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I'm moved & some rambling.

Thought it was time to post...after some probbing from Fitgirl.

I moved to a duplex on Jan 26. I am living with the prior roomate till Feb 22. He purchased a duplex in the south end of town - closer to work. I'm counting down the days till he leaves. Not that i don't like him as a roommate but i want to make the place mine and unpack the rest of the boxes. Currently, i am using his kitchen supplies - he's a bachelor doesn't have much - have to share the fridge & food pantry, good thing there is another fridge in the basement but how annoying to cook any meal to walk downstairs to bring up food just to bring it back down after cooking/eating.

I'm still without internet at home. Over the weekend, i picked up a wireless router and wireless network card. Tryed installing last night, but had a headache and got confused so decided to wait for a friend to install tonight - boo he has work committments tonight so i have to wait till tomorrow night. - looks like i can bead tonight then.

I purchased beads from the beadhive on Friday - smallest purchase $2.75 that i think i ever had made in a bead store. I just picked up 15 small 4mm beads to make a wire ring. (only need one bead/ring) I have a new book and i want to perfect this first project before moving on. Also i'm trying to build up my inventory of beaded jewelry. Time to start selling. I'm going to try Etsy and possibly do some booth sales in the city. First step is building the inventory which hasn't really happened yet.

Thanks to fitgirl i found an awesome store in Edmonton for bead. I was in the store for an hour when my friend called to see if i was lost. She know i was in the store but i don't think she knew i could be in there for so long.

This weekend, the same Edmonton friend - "C" is coming into town to visit. It will be fun. not sure what our plans are for the weekend, besides Sat 7:00 babysitting D-bear. Mama bear,Papa bear and O-bear are going to the motorcross and D-bear is only 4 months old not really interested yet.

Well i hope to post pics soon, i have some duplex pics, ring pics but that will have to wait till the internet at home works

Alikat/Orangesun...what do i call myself now??