Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Divini 'Tea'

Tonight i was at my first Tea Meditation.

We listened to the inner peace mediation.

It was amazing. We prepared the Tea. Poured everyone a cup and then started the mediation. She mediates and guides you towards sipping your tea. I must say it really heightened the experience of the tea. We first held the tea with our fingers feeling the warmth, then raised to face level and inhaled the warmth, fragrant smell. Held the cup of tea at face level for quite some time, my anticipation of that sip was so elevated. Finally we got to sip the tea, as we were sipping she told us to feel the sensation of the tea on our tongue, swoosh the tea around in the mouth and sense the feeling in the mouth. We basically almost finished the full glass of tea when she asked us to put the tea back on the table and let the arms drop to our lap or side. Then she continued the mediation and it was great, relieving tension in all muscles. This mediation was so invigorating and refreshing, man i was so relaxed.

The mediation has kept me awake tonight. I played on comp till 10:30 and now it's 11:40 and i felt the need to write this post. I'm finally feeling tired now, man the power of journalizing is great. Once i put it onto paper/electronic paper my mind can rest.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Angel Day recap

So the workshop was good but i can't exactly say if it was amazing. The Angel Therapy Practioner (ATP) Jen did most the talking and i would have liked to see more interaction with the other people in the class. The day started with the 2 ATP's introducing themselves. Explaining about the Arch Angels and telling about all the different types of Angels. We then went throught the chakra clearing mediation. I haven't done this meditation in a couple months and it was great. I was really relaxed and i think with more people it feel more spiritual. We then

We did another mediation to find out who our guardian angels names are. I have known that one of my Angels name is Sarah and this time i got the name Tomge in my head with pics of Tom and Gerry, they are brothers & Mom & Dad are great friends Gerry) Also got the cartoon Tom & Gerry in my head. This is the Angels telling me to relax and have more fun. We did the automatic writing but my words didn't flow but what i did write was reassuring and i will try again.

In the afternoon we found out about Jen's aromatherapy sprays. did a quiz to find out our most prevalent clair. (mine is sight)
Had an Angel reading with another participant - i was told to surrender and release. The reading i gave was about abundance and then i felt like pulling another card and it was a different abundance card again.
We then switched partners and gave each other intuitive reading. This is done by holding a metal object in your hand and holding the other person's hand. A mediation was done by Jen to help us hear what the other person's angels wanted them to know. I didn't seem to give much of a reading i just couldn't hear or see what they wanted me tell her. But my third eye was flickering so much i think it was still trying to open fully. I was told amazing stuff and even though it didn't make sense to her it did to me. (that's the way some readings work)

Because i have read Doreen Virtue's books before i knew which clair is my most prevalent. I have the mediation CD to open my chakra also. Granted i don't listen to it enough.

So a very good day but i left with wanting more, wanting more spiritual i think.


PS. Fitgirl, call me if you want more info.

Friday, September 07, 2007

Late night ramble

As one part of my mind is trying to rest, the other part is zooming with ideas, planning future events, thinking about the past. Hence the reason for an 11:00pm Thursday night post.

I'm getting excited for Saturday. I am taking part in the Second annual International Angel Day. A workshop called Connecting with the Angelic & Divine Realms.
What's that you may ask? well i will learn how to:
connect with the Angels, Spirit Guides & other Divine beings
15 Arch Angels
Chakra clearing exercises
Automatic writing
Giving and receiving Angel readings
Clearing and shielding techniques

Oh it's going to be great. I haven't been at a workshop about Angels before. Neither have i been at an event that Doreen Virtue was involved in. I have to be patient and know the Angels will appear if i want them to. I have opened my chakra's in the past but haven't fully opened all my chakra's nor do i sometimes hear the words the Angels are speaking. This class will be amazing.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Mini-life rehash

Hey everyone, that still is patient enough to come back to check out my blog.

What's new with me. Well I'm single again. But that's a good thing. I need to be with someone who truly wants to be with me.

Had a good drunk last night. We visited the new casino Dakota Dunes. It was nice but the Regina casino is much bigger. I put all of $15 in the 2 cent machine and my money was gone in less than 5 minutes. I figured my $20 limit was met. I never seem to win and don't see the point of wasting more money. The drinks were very expense $5.25 for beer and hi-balls. Usually drinks in the bars/lounges are somewhere between $3.75 -$5.00 but of course depends what lounge and what specials are available. I must say i don't like the next day after a drunk nite. I slept till 12:00 ate greasy McDonald's(i know its bad but the greasy hangover food works) watched a movie and now i've been wasting time on computer. I should have done a whole list of other things today.

I have lost 8 lbs and i'm doing a great job at maintaining. I found that when i stuck to the menuplan and exercise i lose the weight. So today, i restart and stick to the menuplan. I must thank my cousin Islandartist for introducing me to Sparkpeople. It's a great site, lots of articles, customized menu plans, nutritional tracker, exercise tracker, and an online community.

Okay so does this mini-life rehash bring me up-to-date.
Give me a comment if you want to know more in regards to anything.