Sunday, February 01, 2009

Another accident

My car is red and you would think red for stop...not. It's a target for cars/trucks to hit. Thursday Jan 29 i had the 8th accident in my red Ford escort sport. Wow 8 accidents in 11 years. Thankfully, only one was a major accident but all the other accidents had reagrevated my neck and i've had some form of wiplash with them.

This happened on my way to work, i was in a yield to turn right onto 51st and didn't try to proceed into traffic cause of the slippery roads but apparently the truck behind me thought i was going so he was going to beat the oncoming traffic too. He hit me hard. Get out of the truck and low and behold i see a familiar face our service manager to be exact. I've worked with him for 5 years so crazy that he hit me. The car is getting assessed on Thurs. All i know is that i am replacing this car. Not sure with what yet. My thoughts before the accident was to get a SUV hybrid but don't know if my budget will allow this right now, but maybe it will.

Finally got started on my new finances today. Still need to finish the month of January. More bills to post and then i need to reconcile the accounts. - i went totally overboard for my finances this year. I'm using my simply accounting program and running my life like a small company. Everything gets recorded. But at least then i can track much better.