Sunday, April 19, 2009

New look will hopefully keep me blogging

So i upgraded my blogger and oh my the template is so easy. Wish i would have done that months back.
Today, i went to Micheal's and purchased beads. Now i just need to start creating i'm still in the purchase beads stage and can't get back into the creating stage. I have new books new bedding area, new beads, somewhat organized beading area, what's stopping me??

I have signed up to some races next month.
May 3 - Fun 5K Run
May 24 - Sask Marathon - 10K

I'm not totally ready for the 10K but i can always walk it too. Missed today's run at 830am cause i was up till 2:00am last night talking to my brother Dean. He is super excited to hear that i am planning my trip to visit him. He's heading back to Asia in 4 days. I guess i'll be visiting him in Asia and not Australia. Now to decide how long my trip will be, when, where i want to go. I know i want him to take me diving and rockclimbing but that's all i know for now.

Well better get packing for my overnight stay at my bff's house tomorrow night...why may you ask. I'm having surgery to remove my bottom wisdom teeth tomorrow morning and my bff gratitully offered for me to rest at her house. Thank you.