Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Trying again

I commit to updating this blog once every two weeks. I'm not going crazy, babysteps people. I'm not so good as a blogger, i'm a good reader of other people's blogs.

Update on my life for this new year. The roommate and i have not found a roommate. The roommate decided about 3 weeks ago she was ready to give up and was willing to pay only 1/2 rent/utilites. She told me before Christmas and told me not to make my decision immediately. Well in my mind the decision was made immediately. Oh this could mean i could maybe get my bead room back, we could then make the downstairs the workout area and could take over the entire kitchen. (granted one cupboard for isn't a lot but more fridge space bonus) I let the newspaper run for Jan 3 and Jan 5 and wouldn't you know, no phonecalls at all. I checked on Monday and the ad was in the paper. The universe decided, well actually both of us decided in my minds, that we were fine and wanted to take over this entire duplex.
Now my mind is running with how do i move all my beads, computer desk and surrounding paperwork into the upstairs spare room and keep it slightly organized while doing it. My computer desk is a complete mess with piles everywhere and some piles yet to organize. **I'll post pic here later**

Oh another interesting fact today. I went to physical therapist for my jaw. I have a slight TMJ problem. It's the disc above my jawbone ball that is getting out of place that causes my jaw to lock sometimes. Amazing how he determined it, his fingers in my mouth and all. When he was checking it out i felt the sore muscles and how the right side hurt more. The treatment is to see him 3 times this month, in which he will stretch it out and will give me some stretched to do on my own. After these 3 treatments we will reassess and determine if more treatments are needed or if we can wait about 3 weeks till the next visit. Looks like i will be seeing him for about a year, as it is a treatable problem but not a fast fix problem. He mentioned if we don't do anything about this problem i could have more problems and arthristis could start to form.

Today marks another exciting moment in my brother's life. He is flying to Australia to start his one year visa. He leaves Phi Phi today or was it yesterday...this damn timechange i don't get it yet.

Next post - resolutions.