Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Capsleeve Chiffon - Choice 2

Choice 2

Halter Chiffon - Choice 1

Halter Chiffon - Choice 1
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Choice 1


As you may know i'm a bridesmaid for my cousin's wedding on Good Friday (March 21 in Vegas) I have two choices in my bridesmaid dress. They are both Jessica Chiffon. I was liking the halter style but i have had votes for the capsleeve. Let me know your choice.

The photos are above.


Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I'm moved & some rambling.

Thought it was time to post...after some probbing from Fitgirl.

I moved to a duplex on Jan 26. I am living with the prior roomate till Feb 22. He purchased a duplex in the south end of town - closer to work. I'm counting down the days till he leaves. Not that i don't like him as a roommate but i want to make the place mine and unpack the rest of the boxes. Currently, i am using his kitchen supplies - he's a bachelor doesn't have much - have to share the fridge & food pantry, good thing there is another fridge in the basement but how annoying to cook any meal to walk downstairs to bring up food just to bring it back down after cooking/eating.

I'm still without internet at home. Over the weekend, i picked up a wireless router and wireless network card. Tryed installing last night, but had a headache and got confused so decided to wait for a friend to install tonight - boo he has work committments tonight so i have to wait till tomorrow night. - looks like i can bead tonight then.

I purchased beads from the beadhive on Friday - smallest purchase $2.75 that i think i ever had made in a bead store. I just picked up 15 small 4mm beads to make a wire ring. (only need one bead/ring) I have a new book and i want to perfect this first project before moving on. Also i'm trying to build up my inventory of beaded jewelry. Time to start selling. I'm going to try Etsy and possibly do some booth sales in the city. First step is building the inventory which hasn't really happened yet.

Thanks to fitgirl i found an awesome store in Edmonton for bead. I was in the store for an hour when my friend called to see if i was lost. She know i was in the store but i don't think she knew i could be in there for so long.

This weekend, the same Edmonton friend - "C" is coming into town to visit. It will be fun. not sure what our plans are for the weekend, besides Sat 7:00 babysitting D-bear. Mama bear,Papa bear and O-bear are going to the motorcross and D-bear is only 4 months old not really interested yet.

Well i hope to post pics soon, i have some duplex pics, ring pics but that will have to wait till the internet at home works

Alikat/Orangesun...what do i call myself now??