Saturday, July 07, 2007

Computer...warning some geektalk might be boring

I got my computer back today. My good friend's brother is a computer techy. He enjoys computers and has recovered computers before.....wait i should start from the beginning.

At christmas time, i asked my cuz to wip (reformat) my computer. It's 4 years old and had stuff on it that needed to be removed. He tried to backup my computer to his and it took forever. He then found out my computer does not have much life left in it. Therefore, he suggested to not reformat and save up for new computer. I purchased a 10K external hard drive in the spring time to save all my important files and programs. I have been updating it regularly since i got it. 4 weeks ago i purchased a simple computer game and installed it. The computer then screamed at me saying you are out of space. Do you want to do a diskclean. Ok why not. Well after about 45 minutes and no progress happening i canceled the diskclean. Then the pc decided to reboot itself. When it tryed to restart i was told you are missing a system32/hal file. Well i know that this is a major windows file and the pc doesn't work without it. instead of calling the cuz and waiting for him to fix it i decided in the brainyack moment to put the windows disk in the cd-rom. Well i started the reformating process. THe cuz looked at it and he couldn't recover it and didn't have the time to reinstal the windows. Hence where my friend's brother comes in.
He had the computer for a week and i have it back now. I'm in the beginning phases of reinstalling programs. I'm glad i have it wiped but upset that i lost a good friend's pictures of her stagette and i lost 4 months of accoutinng books for the ball league. I didn't have those backed up to the external harddrive. Now to save and install only the things i want. He gave me a 40K harddrive as my harddrive was pooched and installed more ram but suggests i install more ram. Also suggested getting another harddrive to have as a slave.(backup in case the original hd fails i don't lose everything) Also bought and installed a new fan. It is so quiet now, it's awesome.

(I promise that i will update once a week but this week might include more...have too much to say)


Today, i drove back to the apt to find a van parked in my spot. The second time this weekend. So i decided to leave a note on the car. Saying this is my spot, please move or the landlord will tow. Then i finally get to park in my spot later in the day. I go out to the car again at 6:00 to find a note on my car. It was from the landlord saying i was parked in the wrong spot and to call them if i had questions. Damn right i have questions. Where is my spot then, cause 3 winters ago i doublechecked the breaker in my house with the outlet. Turns out i am suppose to be parked directly across from where i have been parking. That makes sense. The old landlord had given me the wrong information and for 3 years the person spot i parked in must have parked in my spot or didn't have a car. I had to leave another letter under the blue van and apology, when i returned from my trip to pick up the computer...see other post....the owner of the blue van was standing outside about 3 car spots away and decided to read the note at the exact time i was unloading my pc from the car. He red the note and i had to say i wrote the note said i'm sorry. He said "it's alright"

Now i'm going to have to remember hard to park in the new spot.

Rainbowannie/Orangesun....aka i have too many handles probably should just go with Alison