Wednesday, May 24, 2006


I was gunhoe to start posting more blogs and comments and getting caught up on everyone elses too...i have things to blog about right now. But i think i have a virus, my internet stops having connection after 15 minutes of the computer being turned on. I think i'm doing a total wipe. I'm not doing it fast as i don't want to loose anything. I'll be backing up onto CD like crazy.

Hopefully you'll see me back soon.


Backtrack and PA pics

"The Middle" by Jimmy Eat World was the song on the radio on my way home from work. This song brought up good crazy i was getting teary in the car. Flashback - three years ago i heard this song daily(or 2 times) on my way home from work and to work. I know this song was my Angels way of telling me it will be alright. At the time i was still dating my fiance. We were having problems, well i was unsure about the whole thing. I didn't trust him and for good reason. He cheated and out of that affair...bore a son. Well i didn't find out until 12 months later when the mother filed legal documents for child support. Just glad i found out when i did because i was a month away from our wedding. Okay enough background i'm happy now, glad he is out of my life, my career is developing into something i'm very excited about. The love life could be better but honestly i'm not looking right now. I have other goals for example my 10K is a huge one...another one is reducing the debt so i can purchase a house....i'm ready to ready.

Well off to a coworkers baby shower. I'll post some pics of it later.
This week i'll blog about work.

Enjoy the pics of my PA trip....

this is the view from DD's front yard

These are grandma's basket of pink petunia's

These are Baba's flowers trailing Verdena's

And this is a bouquet she had from Mother's Day...i can't remember who got them for her but i love the pic


Pics of Accident 1

Here are the pics of my parking lot. See the baracades in front of my red car on the right. The shaw van was parked in the emergency parking spot which is inbetween the red truck and red/brown car. That is my entrance way. You see where the oil stain is on the second baracade...well that's approximately where i fell....i wonder if you can see the paperclip i left. ( i was carrying workdocuments).


Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Details of Accident 1

If you have been following my blogs, you will know i switched cable providers to Shaw. Well after the weekend of bad reception on the new cable box, i phoned to get the cable guy back and fix it. Well seeing as my week was rush, rush busy i planned it for a Tuesday afternoon. Seeing as i work close to work i asked them to call me first and i will meet them at my place. So, Tuesday afternoon i get the phonecall, off i go no dillydalling. Well i arrive to my apt and find the shaw van waiting at the front doors. K, now i'm getting excited i don't want the van to drive off so what do i do. (Note: In front of my parking stall is two parking baracades). I step over the first baracade and then going over the second i decide to start jogging, only my sandal didn't clear the second baracade, now i had no feet on the ground and down i go. Right onto the cement. I braced myself with knees and arms. But the fall hurts a lot and i get the wind knocked out of me. So i end up turning onto my back, finally when i think i can move i roll over and start to get up. As i'm doing this the cable van is backing out of its parking spot. Apparently he didn't see anything happen at all, granted i was to the right rear of his van. Noticed the window rolled down, so i start yelling, that didn't get his attention. Off he drives, my knees are bleeding, hands are cut up, fully body is aching, i'm almost crying and fricking mad cause the stupid cable guy did not wait long enough. (all i needed was another min)

Can you believe after 2 1/2 years of living in this apt i have only had onemajor fall over the baracade.
I'll take pics tonight of the scene cause i don't think the accident synopsis is adequate.

Pics of accident 2 to follow it's feels so wierd. The blister dried up but still has not burst.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Accident no. 3

So what did i do now. The sidebar seems to be at the last post...was it something i was fiddling with. Found out it was the images of my pics....too big that why it pushed the sidebar to bottom

So i'm hoping my minor/major body accidents are over. Had my third one on Thursday. All i was doing was walking...jammed my big toe into something at work with open shoes, serves me right for not watching where i'm walking, and that totally killed soccer practice that evening (I know i shouldn't be practicing yet with shin splints but....i like soccer). That was just one day after the 2nd degree blister on the finger.

The first accident is a tale all to itself and not enough time to write and do it justice tonight. To be continued and posted by the end of Tuesday evening.


Thursday, May 11, 2006

Lookie at what i did....

Can u tell what it is. It's my middle finger, NO, i'm not giving you the finger. Look at the humugus blister. hopefully the pics are good enough.

Damn was too cold, so i put it in microwave to warm up. 30 secs later i remove the cup from microwave by grabbing the cup from the top rim...with my fingers surrounding the top of the cup. The cup was too hot....but silly me decided to set the cup down on counter instead of setting down in microwave or even using the right hand to grab the handle.

Needless to say the blister seemed flat all day long until this evening after removing the bandaid and noticing the blister had taken full shape. Before it looked flat with only a little blister strip on the side.

Well typing is difficult, cant use that finger and trying to use other fingers to compensate.

Now to goto bed and hopefully not burst this bubble.

Sorry about the photo mixmatch...i'm still an amateur in the bloglayout of pics with text.