Thursday, August 07, 2008

Wednesday run & Thursday soccer

Boy it was too hot here in toontown. The run was killer, way to hot to run. Glad to say i am now 5-0 for the last runs for not taking unscheduled walk breaks. I also got my pushup challenge in 61 pushups done today. I am now starting day 1 of week 2 in onehundredpushups. They seem to be getting easier and if i take a longer break inbetween sets it seems even easier to do.

Had soccer game tonight - i had fans yah me. Melissa came out and so did the "Bear" family. OMG was O-Bear the cutest and getting the ball when it came near for the girls to throw in. I was impressed that he stayed for the whole game. Think maybe i have a little interest of soccer in him now. This Saturday O-bear and me have a play date. If the weather is nice we are going to the spray park then blow bubbles and i think i might need to kick the soccer ball around with him. Looks like i should go purchase to walmart and get a small soccer ball or soft like ball.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Update...long overdue

Thanks to my good friend Melissa, i have finally committed myself to a running routine. June 12 is when i started running with the running room - i am running ast 2 out of the 3 practice running sessions per week. We walk 1 minute run 10 walk 1 run 10 walk 1 run 7 then walk. This takes about 30 mins. Every week we increase the last run session by one minute.

I am proud of myself. In the second 10 min run i used to have to stop for a short walk session. I'm proud to say that for my last 4 runs i have not had to stop for this short walk session. Also last run, we ran up the Macpherson hill. The hill is steep looking and i wanted to walk so badly, but i keep going. Granted i'm sure someone walking could keep up with our slow pace. Kim was behind us and she said "You guys are a machine for doing that hill", she tried to run it but couldn't.

The countdown is on. Melissa and i will run our second 5K in 13 days. aug 17 to be exact. We are doing it in our hometown by the river so it will be beautiful and i wonder what memories will run through my head. Good ones i hope. I will be keeping the same schedule (walk 1 min run 10 min) during this first race , althought we have not reached 5 K yet as longest distance is 4.3 kms.