Friday, March 07, 2008


Thanks for your input with the dresses. Once i got the right size dress in the halter, i headed to Mama Bear's house for her input. The halter had a better cut. The chiffon had a loose material that swooped down the center of me all the way to the bottom -that didn't seem to flatter my figure.

Well i'm almost moved into the duplex, little things things left to organize and tidy up, but with this concussion it's slow moving.
I still have to
- organize the linen closet - allow shelves for the roomie
- move all cardboard boxes out of living room so Dean's (my bro) is lending me his leather furniture can move into living room tomorrow when Dean and Dad arrive.
- Organize/arrange computer room/bead room to be functional
- Unpack miscellaneous boxes in my bedroom
- Tidy basement for items for storage

Got a concussion from Friday Feb 29, playing soccer. I ended up falling on the back of my head. It's funny this week, if i don't take it easy the night before, the next day i feel dizzy. Today (friday) i am feeling dizzy. Who thought going out to a movie and to superstore for a couple items would be overdoing it.

I received my new computer today, i'm anxious to take home and get set up. I will finally have internet at home again. I so miss it. Now i can try to keep facebook and this blog up to date.