Thursday, June 29, 2006

Peace and bugs

Well, i must say i am enjoying the Peacecenter. I feel at home. This last Sunday, was my second celebration and all's good. I went to the meditation beforehand again and i felt at ease, relaxed at the end but still need to calm my mind from the daily activities. This week i attended the treatment circle. I didn't ask for anything but wanted to attend the circle. I definately will be going weekly, it feels nice to be with others that have the same spiritual thoughts as i do.

Check out Journeys to a 10K for an update.

As for the rest of my life. It's going good. I really want to move. Sitting down with a mortgage specialist next week to see when/if a house is in my near future. I think my apt has pill bugs or sow bugs. I have not noticed any larvas on the linoleum floor lately, so i'm hoping by putting the light cover back on the ceiling it fixed up the problem (for now).

Here is a pic of the shell or actual bug, don't freak it is in a plastic bag and kept if for evidence for the landlord. Just haven't a chance to discuss this pesky problem.


Saturday, June 17, 2006

New things

Tommorrow, i am attending my first celebration at the Centre for Positive Living. It is a peacecentre and i hope that it will be the place i am searching for. Ever since leaving my hometown i have trying to study in solitude with books and some practice. But never did stick with it and learn more. I think having like-minded people around would help me with this journey. They have a mediation from 10:30 to 10:45 and then followed by the celebration at 11:00...oh i know i'll be nervous, just meeting new people does that to me. I get really tonge-tied and my shyness steps up.

Wish me luck and not to be too nervous. I really didn't go to church as a child. We were confirmed and baptised Roman Catholic but Mom's mantra was "if it was meant to be it will be" I have lived and speak that saying a lot, well i try to live the mantra not always successfully. I'm a little confused as to what to wear, do i dress up or go in Jeans...i think i might do a combo of both jeans with a suit jacket.

If you like to find out more about the centre here is the link>>>



I finally updated Journeys to a 10K

Check it out. Oh i'm craving pizza so bad. I think i may order Panatago well after my 20 min interval walk/run tonight. Going to the gym and trying the insoles in the indoor soccer shoes hopefully i don't get the looseness like the other shoes and don't have to return the insoles too.


Monday, June 12, 2006

I've been clean sweeped

Take a look at this, how did it happen???

Doesn't it look good, no more clutter. My awesome friend, "Mama Bear" came over and put me to work. She helped me move, get my butt in gear and clean up this apt. Of course, she helped me clean too but i did most of it myself. Well I did the removing of the paper clutter and she helped me organize and get rid of old useless stuff. One thing was amazing, my medicine cabinet. So many items were expired i had no idea, *yeah i did*. Mama Bear was amazing, i really felt ashamed at times, she even called me by my full name which is something that was totally needed. It woke me up, i shrugged into my skin a couple times cause i know some of the items in the medicine cabinet/or that i kept should not be kept - i know better.

Thank you Mama Bear, the apt is great.


Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Hairstyles over last 3 years

These are not in exact chronologically order but it's interesting.


Happy Birthday to me

I decided a new hair style was in order. Getting bored with the one i had. I decided to try a new hairstylist and the moment i sat down i felt comfortable and felt that she could do a good job and she was very open with the whole process. Showed me the colors. Confirmed what she heard about how i want my hair. I wanted something that would grow out naturally so check out the pics

I like it. I have a darker color underneath. Darker shade of brown & purplish mixed together.
I can't believe how light my head feels. Now i don't have to rely on a ponytail to get the hair away and off my neck.