Thursday, June 14, 2007

Passport office

I was reading facebook last week, and fitgirl wrote a note regarding passports. I took her advice and i'm so glad i did. Fitgirl just completed her passport and went to the passport office, someone gave her the hint to complete the a)online passport and not paper and pen and b)go in middle of week, mid-afternoon. So last Thursday, i'm staying up late to complete the online application after the paper and pen version was almost complete.(still needed guaranteer to sign) Wednesday i went to the passport office, got a number from the greeterlady and she told me you will be next. I didn't think she said that right so i sat down. My number was 307. The electronic tallyboard was at 94. I was thinking alright i have 1-1&half hours wait. Just then the tallyboard changed to 307 agent number 4. I think they have one agent specified to online applications. She looked over the passport & documents took my fee and i was on my way.

Total time in passport office -10mins Saving my sanity from waiting in the passport office - priceless

Thanks fitgirl i owe you big time.
PS i'm excited i have a boy calling me (call this a teaser)

Monday, June 04, 2007

Relay for Life

I volunteered for the Relay for Life this past Friday. I worked the whole day. Started at 10:00 am Friday with Luminiary setup and ended my day at 7:00 am Saturday morning with cleanup. I had a blast with my volunteering shifts. Luminiaries was interesting we lined the track with all 1970 luminiaries. It took all of us 4 hours to complete this. The luminiaries included - putting plastic bags around the white paper bag then add dirt, add candle, set on gator for placement around the track. After all the luminiaries were setout we had to go back to each one and make them pretty. Pull down the plastic bag, ensure the white holes were facing in to the track, set the candle so it will stand up. That was the tiring part cause it was bend down, stand up and the heat was finally getting to me. Silly me i forgot my hat. I did remember to sunscreen but forgot the ears. They got sunburnt.

After luminiaries were setup, my shift from 3-7 was team registration inside the Saturn tent. That was a hub of activity, got to see a lot of participants. Point them in the direction of their campsite. Provide the team captain with an information package.

I then was to have a break form 7-9 but another volunteer asked if i wanted to help her take some photos of the teams. I thought why not and joined her, before we got to the first campsite we were to take pics of the opening ceremonies was beginning with the Survivor lap, that tore at my heart, the sea of yellow t-shirts for cancer survivors taking a walk around the track.

After a half hour of pics we went back to the Saturn tent for a pen i misplaced. Then Yvonne, the photographer volunteer showed up so i was realived of this duty. So i thought i better eat, then i went to take this pic

My next shift 9-12 was for volunteer registration, still a hub of activity, participants asking questions, or coming to talk.

My 12-4 shift was in Silent Auction. That was too boring for me. There was 4 volunteers there already and they were just sitting around a table talking. The tasks that were involved before the silent auction closed was, make sure sheets don't get full and try to encourage partipants to bid on an auction item to purchase. I ended up going back to the registration Saturn tent to keep Yvonne company and wait till 1:30 when the activity at the Silent Auction picked up. At 2:00 was the closing of the auction. At that time it was a more busy and things to do. At 4:00 am i was so ready for sleep, this other volunteer was talking to me and i kept nodding and saying ah-ha. Thinking to myself, does he ever stop talking about this topic and how do i make him stop. He did ask me two questions about myself which i answered but he didn't proceed to follow up on my answers. Back to his topic about work and how when he left it made him appreciate how it was okay.

My body is no longer an allnighter girl - i had to sleep all day on Saturday. Somehow i slept in 28C temp. Good thing my apt is in the basement.

Well this blog has to stop as it is 8:00 monday and i want to goto bed. i'm still not caught up.

Orangesun (formally Rainbowannie)