Thursday, August 10, 2006

I am in love with

Went to Calgary these weekend, the shopping didn't go too well. Not much clothing that i wanted, seemed like all the stores had the same stuff and same colors. Also i hate the fact that i'm not a L anymore i'm a (dare i say) XL. I dislike it. I've never been an XL before, well time to get this butt in shape. I'm digressing from the Mac topic. As we walked the chinook mall, M and me both noticed that Mac now had a store. My cousin loves Mac and mentioned that they give free makeovers (walkup consulations) So in we walk and browse for a bit, until a saleslady attends to us. I mentioned how i wanted a new eyecolor but i'm unsure about what colors look good on me. That's when M mentioned why don't you get a makeover. There in the mall i got a makeover. I loved the look, could have purchased everything she put on me expect the budget just would not allow that. After purchasing my 7 items - 3 eye colors (with the case), eye pencil, lip pencil, lipstick, eyebrow brush for $125.00 i was done. I have never spent that type of money on one makeup purchase before.

But i still love it, still wearing all of it, wish i got the blush too. I think i'm now a Mac girl. Oh cous what have you got me into. Thanks girl.