Monday, August 30, 2010


Hey guys, i decided to create a new blog dedicated to my new found interest in nailart. I will keep this blog for my personal life.

Here is the link to the other Nail Art blog. Or you can check out my other blogs by clicking on my profile and seeing the blogs i own. I will post soon more pictures and updates about my Asia adventure, i now understand how important it is to keep a journal uptodate while travelling or shortly thereafter. There is so many times that i wish i could remember what food dishes i ate and enjoyed.

So today as i was driving back to work, i noticed in the box of a truck a gadget that reminded me of pick a pop. Do you remember those? i remember as a kid going to Baba & Giedo's and going to the cellar, first down a ladder to the cold storage area. as a kid and being able to pick out our special pop. Crazy how certain images can invoke such vivid memories.