Thursday, January 04, 2007

YouTube is great

I was in sparkpeople today and found a new group. Yogalovers. As i read the various posts i came across a link to watch some beginner yoga videos. It was 26 mins long and it was quite good. I've been neglectful of yoga for some time now. I was thrilled to see that their was a series of videos also. I then decided to view other yoga videos only to find many where amateur videos that were only 4 mins long but as i scanned i noticed this:

Yoga Hurts

I was laughing so much. I then checked out other similiar videos and came across this hilarious video. Check it out.

Sound Effects

I am proud of myself. I have been recording my food intake and exercising daily. Today i was presented with a temptation. Donuts at work. I find that my eating bad at work. Either the donuts/cinnamon buns/candy that is around. Or my unorganized self that decides to eat out instead. But that changed this week. Oh that reminds me i need to view tommorrow's meal plan and decide upon the menu.