Saturday, October 28, 2006

My dating life

Wednesday i was getting fed up with waiting for "Mr." to call me, so i called him. Thanks for the advice gals. I left a message on his voicemail. He called me back in a half hour. He's working lots of hours. Told me he has to be up at 3:00 am every day and he usually works until 8:00pm. He works on a dairyfarm and harvest is over but other things need to be done right now. I told him how i felt. I wanted to see him but understood and would let him call me as he's working so much. He told me "nah just call i always have the cellphone with me".

I am going to let him call me now. I want to see if he is "into me" Even if he is busy he can call, that doesn't have to take up more than 5 mins.


Saturday, October 21, 2006

He called

Yeah he called. We had a short conversation but it was cool. He wanted to call to tell me he is flying to BC this weekend. What? His Aunt gives him free westjet vouchers, he has a family there. He is flying tonight at 2:00 and coming back on Monday. How cool is that? How cool is it that he is calling me to tell me he is going to be out of the province. We are going for steaks next week he's going to call when he gets back. Now i can verify that it was his cell number on Thurs. Oh i did mention on the phone that i was at soccer on thursday. He didnt even say oh i tried calling but now he knows. He still called back and is wanting this to progress. Yah Yah. I feel like a school girl, is this what dating does.

BTW - i changed the answering machine, guess i didn't have to but i did. It is very general, just says you've reached @@@-$$$# please leave a message.


Thursday, October 19, 2006

Sometimes i dislike this dating game

I met a guy on Saturday. We met at a dance and he was into me and i was into him. He bought me a drink and we chatted a little. then he excused himself to smoke...(not good trait) Next time i seen him at the bar he mouthed the words if i wanted another. I mouthed "no" i still had my drink and i was DD so i didn't want to drink more. Then my best friend said hi why don't you come sit down. He laughed and sure enough he said down. He totally was cool with my friends asking questions about him before i even had a chance to introduce himself more to me. At that point he didn't even know my name until he said down. I totally loved it, it took the pressure off of me to ask the questions. I should have asked him more questions but me Miss shy girl was being shy. It was a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere and my friends were being polite and asking him questions just as he was asking them questions too. He then talked a lot to my best friend and was winning her over.

It was a weird night. I wouldn't change it though.

At about midnight his friends were heading to Tina's *name changed* house to drink. We were invited and we're going to go. My friends were drunk and having a good time...don't worry they had a designated driver. We decided to not go to his friends house as he mentioned they will have one drink and then go home and we would then be a Tina's house. Just Tina, him and i so we decided, maybe not. We then went to my place to have a beer and chatted to get to know one another. He slept over on the couch and then i drive him home in the morning...(did i mention i was DD for the night). He asked for my number and put it into his cell phone. He mentioned twice in the car that he would call me this week. So now it's Thursday i just got home from soccer, notice a cell phone number on my caller display at 915 but no message and i am wondering is he going to try again tonight....please do.
I have an answering machine but in it i mention "we are not home right now" i am a single girl i don't want the world knowing i live home alone. But know i'm afraid could he think i have a boyfriend. Also do i call the cell back?

It's this dating game that i don't understand and wonder when to play and when not to.

So give me some dating advice if you have it please.

Friday, October 13, 2006

exciting post?? :( maybe not

so i'm made it this far to post something...what to life isn't very exciting. I am happy at work. Need to deal with my payroll administrator. She wants to make changes and i agree any change to make processing of payroll better is good but not if it will cause problems with all the salaried employees. Why complicate it if it works fine.

Oh just remembered i need to send a work lame Friday nite and i'm thinking about work...i need a life...need to get out starts soon and i will be hosting the next cards night oh and i will be volunteering for the festival of trees. Not sure what it involves but i'm sure it will be fun and i'll meet more people

Okay the cards night, for the last two outdoor soccer season windup party- 5 girls and me enjoyed playing cards after everyone else left. We are all in the same age bracket...28-35. We always said we need to do it monthly but noone ever organizes it. This month i'm trying to organize it. Only two have responded to emails so far, so now i need to telephone and set the date. Cause if the date isn't set then the cards night won't happen. Oh it is so fun last time we got together...i was crying and splitting my gut.

I need to improve my blogging ability i seem to write and then stop, not sure if its working for me.


PS. Who is a flickr pro it worth the money...i'm still basic and not liking the set limit of 3