Sunday, July 09, 2006


Had a wonderful night on friday. My friend suprised me with a visit to the city. We meet after work downtown at a pub. They had supper ( i was full from lunch still) I suggested a walk since it was still only 7:00 and didn't want to go to another pub so early in the nite, i was still not feeling good thought a walk might help. We walked for about 2 hours along the riverbank looking at the beautiful houses. Stupid me didn't go to my car before the walk to change my reebox sandals into running shoes and forgot my camera. I did see some camera worthy pics. The lighting was just right too. Guess i'll have to get them another time.

During our walk, we noticed a park full of ppl. "Tony the tiger" mentioned how during the day how many beautiful ppl attend this park. Guess what folks i've found my prime dating park. So if you need to find me on a friday look for me in a park. This park has a parking lot attached so if i can figure out how to get the bike into the car then i will bike more along the river downtown. I guess that means i need to clean out my car. Wonder when that might happen.


PS I wrote a blog in my 10K blog