Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Fitness Challenge Day 2

So far i don't think i'm doing too bad. I hit my goals for exercise the last two days.

Monday - Yoga
Tuesday - Weights & Cardio

As for the eating, doing not too bad. Need to increase the water intake. Also the diary is getting forgotten. Had to throw out the lettuce i had. Damn bagged salads, always go bad on me, and i have the perfect dressing for it too.

Well off to eat something else, yes i know it's 9:00 but i did get back from the gym at 810 and chatted on the phone with J.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Fitness Challenge

My mama and me have made a challenge. We are going to be lose 10 pounds by christmas. By doing this we will eat healthy, exercise, remember our water and don't overeat.

My exercise plan this week
Monday Yoga
Tuesday On the Ball (Ball workout at the gym)
Wednesday Muscle Scuplt (Fitness class that uses weights and some cardio)
Thursday Fitness Yoga (gym)
Friday Step II - i absolutely love this class
Saturday will be off day
Sunday Pilates

The weekly food plan has not yet been determined and i will need to be picky and make healthy food choices. Cooking for one is difficult but not impossible.

I make the best salad dressing this weekend. I roasted up a whole garlic. Added oil vinegar and soya sauce, seasoning salt, tex mex spices, then a friend mixed some sweet onion kraft dressing to it. Oh it was yummy and can't wait to eat that on my salad later tonight.


Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Work work work work work

I was given my first HR assignment yesterday. I think i didn't do too bad but I really don't know if i gave him what he wanted. Don't know if he wanted it researched or not. So i prepared the best i could today, I did little internet researching and figured it was better to include that in my report. I know i had a weak solution but practice makes perfect and not like he needs a report to back everything up especially when he knows what he's recommending. Granted it was practice for me, as he puts it. I sent it this morning and damn it i want some feed back. *Be patient little one.* Next assignment, i need to ask all the questions surrounding it so i'm not guessing.

Today, i was busy working on our annual christmas slideshow. Finally got done one branch but it took me 5 hours to do. Interuptions don't help. So i asked my intermediate accountant if i could work from home on this and she set me up to vpn. Oh i'm excited. Not many times i've wanted to vpn to work, but it would make it easier to work in evenings and on Sundays. Our office is not open on Sundays, therefore those of use without keys can not work that day.

Better get making supper. I'll post on dating later tonight

Monday, November 21, 2005


As most of my readers, if i have any...hehe...know i'm back into the dating scene. I met someone last week and we hit it off. We talked almost everyday untill Saturday. Since then nothing, no talk, no msn chatting, granted it is only Monday right after work. But the freekaviod in me is wondering. "Is he not into me?" Come on Rainbowannie, give it a rest...he's probably busy. Today, i called him to set up a coffee date for tommorrow. I was greeted by the answering machine and sortof asked him there. Told him i'll be out for the evening but please to let me know, either email, voicemail or tommorrow. Now, i wish i could advance time till i get some response. Well hope i get some response.
To think that first dates where confusing, now i'm thinking setting up a third date is confusing.

Well i'll let u all know more about him if we are still seeing each other.

New to Blogger

Hello Bloggerland,

i am not new to blogging, but am new to Blogger. Im nervous, like a first date, what do i say to a new community? Guess i go with the flow. Wow i like the fact that i can change the time...oh the little things that could excite me.