Wednesday, October 31, 2007

I got the bug

After tonight's meeting, i have been busy like a beaver. Very unlike me as lately i've been lazy/procrastinating since end of August. So since 9:00 i have done the dishes, made homemade chai tea, watched "pushing up daises", while looking through craft box for construction paper & glue and making a label for my new weekly pill containers. Cleaned the bedroom from clothes thrown on the floor. listened to the news, while doing nightly cleanup routine, tided the apt from things on floor. Started a new to do list, Started a slopitch to do list. Right now i'm writing another blog @ 12:26 - might have something to do with the 2 glasses of chai tea (made with black tea)

I must say i feel excited and revved up. I went to my first Relay for Life meeting tonight with all the committee members. Yesterday, SaM (possible co-chair) myself and ST (co-chair) with ML(staff at CSS - Canadian Cancer Society) had a meeting to determine if SaM and myself wanted to be co-chairs for the 2008 relay. We both decided to do it. Yesterday i was a little hesitant but agreed to be co-chair as i didn't know exactly what it will entail. We were both asked to go to a summit this weekend - basically a knowledge weekend with speakers on how to improve your Relay for Life. I was able to attend, and i will bring back my knowledge along with ST and ML for the rest of the committee. I am also the chair of a subcommittee - Volunteers. I will be liasoning with all subcommittees & organizing volunteers into time slots. I'm excited i must say i have some ideas of how i will organize myself and my possible team and excited for this opportunity to raise awareness and funds for the Cancer Society.

Last year, i volunteered at the Relay for life and on June 2007 i wrote a post about it - you will notice that i was in the tent most the night and got to be understand the RFL that night. Hence why i already have plans for this year.

(Sorry i don't know how to link back to my archives yet) still lots to learn with this blogger.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Follow up to previous love life post & new beaded jewelry creations

I finally did it. Let the friend know i wasn't interested. He said he knew already but enjoyed spending time with me. He told me to call him and I've been busy this week and for some reason when i have spare time i haven't called him. I finally called him tonight and he has company so he's calling back. Wonder how this/if it will change things, probably but that's alright. Now he knows the truths and i don't have to wonder every time I'm out with him if he expects me to likes him back. I can't stop him from liking me, but he now knows where he stands.

I have started beading again. I seem to be viewing a lot of blogs, flickr's, and internet bead mags over the last weeks. I have gotten inspired to pick up the beads again but i'm back to the basics...well was i ever not at the basics. Check out my flickr for my latest creations. As soon as i can remember what the website link is, i will do it.

Monday, October 01, 2007

Love Life? ? & running?

I think the high school friend has a crush on me. Actually not totally sure, but signs sure point that he does. We went to casino on Thursday. He bought me drinks and gave me more of our jackpot winnings than i contributed. Friday we went for drink then movie. He purchased supper and movie, while i got the snack food. On Thursday night, he mentioned that he wasn't sure if he was going to be in town for Saturday. He asked what i was doing. J birthday that was planned for months can't miss that. So he decides right then and there he's going to battlefords to visit family. Oh yah, he was only sticking around to hang with me. He called me last night and we chatted about the rest of our weekend. Then at the end of the conversation he said "if you're not busy tomorrow night, give me a call or any night"

Now don't get too excited....It would be great but i'm not into him. I have a list already started of things i don't like/want to change about him. Yes we can chat but it's only because i'm not shy around him. As i knew him 10 years ago, and of course when a guy has things to say or asks me questions i can talk too. Also wasn't nervous to talk so that makes the difference. Decided i'm not calling him tonight, i wouldn't mind having him as a friend but i don't want to give him the wrong idea.

That's a slim outline of my love live right now(is that a love life).

Yesterday, i attended my second , deux, 5K of the summer. It was great. My time was 37.11. My Terry Fox 5K run/walk time was 40.03 and that was only 2 weeks ago. Crazy how the continued running/walking can keep you in shape and help you improve. I'm joining the Roadrunners here in town and i'm continuing to run/walk with my coworker. He can only run on weekdays, but it's still nice to run with someone else. Actually decided i want to do a 5K every month and try to break my time record.

~almost time for Heroes, better go~

PS as i'm writing my title i'm wondering if my two topics have more in common that i think....i'm taking things as they come

My name is Chicken

Last Tuesday, I went out for drinks with an old high school friend. We met with some of his coworkers. His coworkers were all over 45 7 not really attractive so i didn't have eyecandy at the table. I noticed that the lounge had a lot of guys but not really good looking guys, expect for the table right behind us. In front of me i guess is more the correct term. I was in perfect eye range to see this guy. He was nicely toned, cute, well dressed. I think he was around 20-25, which is a little young for my liking. But still I had been checking him out all night. Then as the night dragged on and i was getting tired of not understanding the table conversation(talking about work...mechanic this & that) i decide 10:00 sounds like a good time to leave, right before i announce i'm leaving i was drawn to the cute guy table. I notice that his friend has left the table and he is actually looking at me. There was a tv behind me but it was higher than my head by a foot or half foot. Ok so i rule that out he's actually looking at me. I then make eye contact but of course look away immediately. Oh the shyness in me (I have to overcome that). Then I look over again and he is still looking at me. Well, silly me instead of sitting there a couple more minutes and actually flirting I decide i need to go. It would have only taken a little bit but i chickened out. So I get up to leave, the guys I’m with offer to pay for my drinks I look back at the table to thank them but I couldn’t get my eyes to veer off to the left to see if the guy was checking me out. Then the hopeless romantic in me thinks maybe he’ll follow me out the lounge. Well if I would have flirted more than maybe he would have. Oh, at least i'm starting to see the signs when a guy is flirting, i usually don't see them at all. This leads into my second post.....