Thursday, December 08, 2005

In a new home

Today, was my first official day at my new desk. I still have a couple boxes to move over and unpack into my new filing cabinet. Looks good in the area, got the new office supplies too. Today, i needed to use my creative mind to create a report for our CFO. Took some thinking but i have it planned out. And now to try to figure out pivottables. Okay boring....hehe

New Scrapbooking Project
This weekend is christmas shopping. Still unsure of what gifts to buy, have an idea for some. I have decided for Grandma & Grandpa i am purchasing photoalbums and frames. I am also making a scrapbook page to add to the binder that Mom started. It's a 8x 11 binder and Mom has some plastic shethes that protect the pages. I am going to attempt my hand at scrapbooking some event in my life over the last year. Another thing, i'm doing for them is to somehow update their current albums with Dates, ppl's names and events. Not sure how i am do this. Might get some acidfree paper and use my friend's scrapbooking punch to make little shapes to add to the pages in the albums.


Thursday, December 01, 2005


Had a wonderful time shopping for a christmas outfit. When with my coworker Jacky, she is so much fun and honest. I love honest shoppers. I havent shopped for a while and was shocked that i didn't like Ricki's at all. The store that i absolutely loved, mostly for the customer service and overall shopping experience was -- Chloe's.

Granted they do have higher end clothes and selection isn't geared to a young mid 20's style. I did love how their pants didnot gap in the back, oh my how could ppl purchase pants that do that, the girl at Ricki's once told me that "it occurs to me too, i just wear a belt" Well i don't want to wear a belt to make the pants fit...Especially when the pants cost $45.00 --- i degress

Chloe's - i found a couple outfits when a clerk noticed and asked to take them and asked if i needed help in finding anything. Yeah i did want some help and she even got the sized i needed off the shelf. Then in the dressing room, i asked for her to find a red shirt to make a red skirt i had...not only did she bring me one shirt-she brought me three and in 2 different sizes. Talk about customer service. The store wasn't extremly busy but boy was she a help and she was honest too. The second pair of pants didn't look that good and she said no they have the wrong cut to your body. Thank you, a honest sales person. I found a real classy outfit but because it's christmas and i didn't even have a christmas outfit budgeted i didn't go with it. But next time i shop i am definatly checking out Chloe's

It's such a shame, when you walk into Reitman's and three salespersons don't even bother asking to help you find anything or bother to ask if you need another size as they see you running out of the dressing room. I so didn't want to purchase my $45 outfit from there. But Cost effectient is what i need right now.