Monday, August 30, 2010


Hey guys, i decided to create a new blog dedicated to my new found interest in nailart. I will keep this blog for my personal life.

Here is the link to the other Nail Art blog. Or you can check out my other blogs by clicking on my profile and seeing the blogs i own. I will post soon more pictures and updates about my Asia adventure, i now understand how important it is to keep a journal uptodate while travelling or shortly thereafter. There is so many times that i wish i could remember what food dishes i ate and enjoyed.

So today as i was driving back to work, i noticed in the box of a truck a gadget that reminded me of pick a pop. Do you remember those? i remember as a kid going to Baba & Giedo's and going to the cellar, first down a ladder to the cold storage area. as a kid and being able to pick out our special pop. Crazy how certain images can invoke such vivid memories.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

My first Bento

I've been viewing bentos on a number of different blogs. What are bentos...they are the wikipedia states "Bento is a single-portion takeout or home-packed meal common in Japanese cuisine." But there are many more bentos that are not Japanese cuisine. I think the real definition is more like "a single portion takeout or home-packed meal that is pleasing to look at and has fun designs."

Today, i finally made my first official bento.

Mine is not near as cute as other bloggers have made theirs. (i'm just starting)
Contents - Cucumbers, Green peppers with a Radish (tried to make a cut design), Blackberries and sockeye salmon salad with lettuce on a pesto garlic tortilla.

The making of the bento was fast and it made me happy. The meal will taste good tomorrow for lunch so I've achieved what a bento should, as least that's what i think.

here is some food porn bentos i enjoy reading....

I have tried to add a link to bentolunch for this wednesday's viewing.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Carwash...guess the car didn't want one

So tonight I'm in the lineup for the touchless Co-op carwash. The person in front of me looked like he had trouble getting into the bay. It took his wash a long time to finish. I had to enter my code about three times and finally it didn't want to work and gave me an invalid code, good thing the info button is hooked up to the coop gas bar. I finally get into the bay and the wands make their first pass with soap. Then the backup forward lights start to flash the big red X and it keeps flashing as does the other lights for where the bay is in carwash cycle. Then the lights stop. No more lights. Good thing it's only 7:30 and the sun is still out. I try to inch the car forward to trigger the door to open. Doesn't work. Look at the receipt for a phoneno to call the coop gas bar. Address yes but phone number no. Finally I start to think, honk the horn, so I did. No gas attendants come running. Get out of car to see if I touch the door it will trigger it to go up. No luck. Then start to honk again. This time frantically, trying to make lots of noise to get the gas attendants attention. Finally, the women behind me walks to the window and tells me she's getting help, and it seemed like the gas attendant must have heard the honks cause he was right there once the lady walked to the front of the bay. He goes into the door and triggers the door to open. OMG, never had I had to wait 40 mins to get into the touchless car wash and then get stuck in the bay. At least, there was no argument at the gas bar about another premium wash cycle.

Friday, January 01, 2010

2010 New Year - New Me

I'm doing it, sticking my neck out. Doing the hard work.