Tuesday, September 19, 2006

I'm a sparkpeople

My mom has been mentioning how the sparkpeople site is filled with information and the daily food tracker helps determine what you are eating.

Today, i finally listened to her advice. I've been online for 1.5 hours now. I recorded my food intake for the day. Set up my sparkpage, met a friend with similiar goals and joined a team. Well the team is one that mom is a member of - so i have to give her credit. It's called shutterbugs. And guess what you get a weekly assignment that includes a theme, you then provide an appropriate photo and post onto mysparkpage. The assignment is very similiar to Random and Odd but on a smaller version.

I must say i'm impressed with the site. Fitday was okay but sparkpeople has better search engines. Also the food groupings are easier to use. Also lots of articles to read, and i get points for reading them. Not only am i learning but i'm getting points. I'm not sure what the points give me but i'm getting points.

Okay i'm off my soapbox for today.

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Saturday, September 09, 2006

Cards and Marbles...an update really wow

An update an update....finally hey...click here

I completed a clean sweep again. Boy the apt looks good. Now i can entertain. My dear parents gave me a some meat, in included a roast and chicken. Much to big for a single girl to use up. Therefore i'm inviting cousins/friends over for supper and a night of chitchat and card game playing.

I will finally get to use the card game that my dad and me completed at christmas time. I sanded and stained. The game is called Cards and Marbles. It is basically like "trouble" You use your cards to move across the board and certain cards are special. King to get out of home or use as a one or 10.

Here's a pic of the game. Joey had to check it out too.

Now that the apt is spotless i will have some dinner parties.

Tommorrow, Mama Bear is accompaning me to celebrate.(attending the Centre for positive living). I can't wait i haven't been able to go for 2 weeks and i hope she enjoys herself. I get much joy and comfort attending. Three weeks ago, i had the best mediatition yet. I'm not sure if because of a different mediator or that i could completely engulf myself into it.

Well i am so shy, three weeks ago i tried sticking around for coffee and treats after the "mass" Well i had a cookie and some water and decided maybe next time so i headed out the door only to get stopped by the "Pastor" and she spoke of me staying for fellowship and i stated i'm too shy she commented that you come here alone that's not too shy. Well by she stating that i clammed up thinking now what do i say. I started to get teary eyed and decided one step at a time. Next time i will try again to talk to new people. I think i'm overanalyzing and wanting ppl to like me too much.