Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Something new

Tommorrow i get my third trial pair of contacts. I'm having no luck. First pair were alright but both ripped in the 2 week period. Granted i am a first time wearer it does happen but both rip in 2 weeks. This last pair, is incredible dry. Thought maybe it was just at work. Nope it's anywhere. Also have trouble focusing. If i'm wearing them and look from computer screen to keyboard, it's fuzzy. Hopefully the new ones i get will work great. We are changing benefit providers at work and want to use the vision care from our old plan. So i can save the $250.00 for glasses in the next 24 months.

In Tblog i could create a link break for a new topic. Can i do it in blogger?

On another note, i'm excited i have a co-ed soccer tournament this weekend. Should be fun. Friday nite game is a late one - 11:30 good thing we play at 11:30am Sat so i can sleep in some.


Friday, March 24, 2006

30 Days

A couple weekends ago, i watched a IFS show called 30 Days. It is produced by Morgan Spurlock the created and host of "Super Size Me".

The show is descripted as "a documentary-style program where an individual is inserted into a lifestyle that is completely different from his or her upbringing, beliefs, religion or profession for 30 days."

Well the theme of the show i watched was living on minimum wage. He asked his fiance to help him with this challenge. They travelled to Ohio and went about living on minimum wage. Throughout the month, they both had to attend the emergency rooms. One bill amounted to 445 the other was 531. They were just getting by on their wages. Morgan took on two jobs to help supplement their income.

I don't know how anyone can live on minimum wage, i commend you if you can. I know i couldn't, no wonder credit card companies like TransCan are popping up all over. Easy cash...oh yeah what about all the companies like "Check into Cash" or "Money Mart"

I'm glad i live in Saskatchewan and don't have to pay for emergency bills that amount to $500 just for the doctor to examine me to determine i have a bladder infection. (What Morgan's fiance, Alex, diagnosis turned out to be)

Also very glad for my parents help for my extra schooling; don't know if i could have done it myself. I did have the drive but don't know if i had the financial means or could have found the $$$'s for it. Thanks Mom and Dad.


Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Half resolved

I took my preggo coworker out for lunch yesterday. After her doctor appoint we learnt that bed rest is in order for her. Babies heart rate is elivated. Good thing her replacement came in early. As Mar 20 was the original starting date for the maturnity leave position.

I almost didn't bring up the trailer trash weekend cause things seems normal. We chatted the whole lunch hour not a great time to break into the topic on my mind. As we were in the car on the way back to work, i apologized and let her know that i didn't want her to associate my character with her. She mentioned that she said "What are you calling me Trailer Trash" as i joke. I think T either got mixed up and didn't mention to J that she was laughing or T didn't hear the sarcasim/joke in her voice. Alright that part saved.

As for J. I still haven't chatted with her. I should but i think i am more mad at myself too. J takes my power. But i allow it. Also i am going to limit my afterwork functions with her. I'm not a bar fan so that limits it somewhat. But i need to speak my mind and let her know when she is crossing my line. Especially if she is going to be a part of our slopitch team. That's another story.


Thursday, March 16, 2006

Don't you wish sometimes...

people would keep their mouths shut.

Let me backtrack; this past weekend, I joined Coworker J on a roadtrip up to Red Earth to visit J's sister L. The theme of Saturday's drink fest was "Trailer Trash" and you needed to dress up. We got our costumes from handy "Value Village" The pink jumpsuit i got was a little big and J's mom mentioned how she wore one when she was pregant. Hence was born my character. As we got made up on Saturday the character was further delevoped. I was preganant with a baby and my other kids were at home. Well J when on to develop this story further and relate it to a reallife situation at work. Our fellow admin coworker is preggie with baby 3 and all three have different dads. J usually talks bad about the situation. I usually sluff it off or defend her. I have never and do not talk bad about this coworker. I am usual defending her to saying yes but she was in two long term relationships and is still dating the three father.)

Today, J was discussed how T let the story out in the admin dept. J & T are friends and had lunch today...hence how T knows the story. Well the reallife person heard the story. She flipped out, totally thinking it was about her and how we thought she was trailer trash

How do i fix this. I was really good friends with admin coworker; hence because of my location change we don't hang out much anymore. I really don't totally remember if it was me mentioning i had three babies or not but i did mention (in character) that this was not my first baby.

I am so mad at J to even tell the story. Was she not thinking it could get around to the admin coworker. Oh why am i kidding myself. J doesn't care, she doesn't like the admin coworker and is usually all about me. "What's good for me"

I know i have to talk to J about this. Also i need to talk to Admin coworker, next week i must invite her to lunch. Wish i could do it Friday but i have a meeting.

You know how it seems a relationship is going so good, you don't think anything might hinder it. Well i think this just hindered it, but i guess this is a down and how we handle it as friends will determine our friendship.


Sunday, March 05, 2006

Long break

Well i have created another blog, Journeys to a 10K. I will be running 10 Kilometers in September in the Terri Fox Run. You can view my new blog in the links and here. I seem to be having trouble with the link here.(got it fixed now but still unsure how i did it. Since i'm still am newbie to Blogger, (as i hardly blog), i still need to figure out how all these things work.